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"I have begun learning to play the violin with Mixalis, and its been a wonderful experience. As an adult engaging with a new instrument, one can imagine the difficulties and obstacles that to be encountered. But Mixalis being a gentle and motivating tutor of amazing skill and knowledge transforms these difficulties into enjoyable challenges"



Michalis Kouloumis offers private violin lessons on Greek Traditional music, Ottoman Classical music, European Classical music and on Improvisation/ Taksim. 

Lessons are focused on: 

  • violin repertoire and techniques

  • ornamentation

  • phrasing development 

  • tone production and playing style


Michalis Kouloumis works with students towards preparation for university auditions/exams and concerts.


Online violin lessons are also available, for intermediate and advanced level students, through skype. 


For more information and enquires please fill in the form below.


Discover the world of Eastern Mediterranean music with Michalis Kouloumis through the Maqam music theory lessons.

Study areas:

  • basic and complex modes/maqams

  • theory of tetrachords 

  • intervals

  • modulations between maqams

  • analysis of compositions

Online maqam theory lessons are also available, for students of all levels, through skype. 


For more information and enquiries please fill in the form below.

online violin lessons
online violin lessons on greek traditional music and violin improvisation
online violin lessons
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