“...maybe the best performance
this festival has ever seen...”


Wilfried Schaus-Sahm

(Director of Sommerton Festival, Germany, 30.08.16)

12 March 2020 @ ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem (NL)

Masterclass "Violin in Eastern Mediterranean Traditions" 


05 March 2020 @ MATRIX, Rotterdam (NL)

04 March 2020 @ SPLENDOR, Amsterdam (NL)

29 February 2020 @ ART-BASE, Brussels (BE)

28 February 2020 @ DE CENTRALE, Ghent (BE)

"Cyprus Elegies" - Michalis and Petros Kouloumis Quartet

Dine Doneff  - double bass, percussion

Alexandros Papademitrakis - oud, lavta

Petros Kouloumis - lute, piano, voice

Michalis Kouloumis - violin, viola

29 February - 01 March 2020 @ DE CENTRALE , Ghent (BE)

Workshop on Music from Greece and Cyprus

 @ "Fiddlers on the Move" Festival


22 February 2020 @ MANTZIUS LIVE, Birkerod (DK)

21 February 2020 @ KEDELHUSET, SilkeBorg (DK)

20 February 2020 @ FERMATEN, Herning (DK)

Lingua Franca Ensemble

18 February 2020 @ DEKA4, Athens (GR)

1st International Oud Festival 

Concert with

Alexandros Papademitrakis and Evgenios Voulgaris


Michalis Kouloumis plays a soulful modal improvisation on violin, influenced by different musical traditions (such as Cyprus, Epirus, Ottoman Classical, Baroque music). Live performance in "Avgo" (Thessaloniki - GR)


Michalis Kouloumis Trio - "Harmandali"

Live recording from Jamboree, London 30.09.2015

A special technique is applied on violin, ''Diplochordo'' (greek "διπλόχορδο", turkish ''çiftetelli'')
Makam: Hicaz
Michalis Kouloumis - violin

Nikos Ziarkas - cretan lute 
Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass 
Esteban Lalinde - video 
Giorgos Botis - recording and mixing 

Michalis Kouloumis' composition "Lahtara", performed by the Lingua Franca Ensemble. 

Michalis Cholevas -  Tarhu, Ney

Ruven Ruppik -  Percussions

Giannis Koutis - Oud, Voice

Michalis Kouloumis - Violin

Michalis Kouloumis and Efren Lopez in a notable collaboration. Their music combines elements from Medieval music, Ottoman classical, Cypriot/Greek/Turkish traditional and other modal music cultures. Live recording in "Avgo" (Thessaloniki - GR).

Lingua Franca Ensemble - "Exileosis"

Live recording from St. Ethelburgas Chapel, London (2014)
Composed by Michalis Cholevas.

Michalis Cholevas -  Tarhu, Ney

Ruven Ruppik -  Percussions

Giannis Koutis - Oud, Voice

Michalis Kouloumis - Violin

Tahir Palali - Video

latest news



New album out soon!


Lingua Franca Ensemble

New album by Lingua Franca Ensemble !! 



Michalis Cholevas: Tarhu

Michalis Kouloumis: Violin

Giannis Koutis: Oud, Guitar, Voice

Ruven Ruppik: Percussion



We also look forward for our upcoming concerts in "Gruener Salon" (Berlin), "Korzo Theatre" (Hague), "Rotterdam Circusstad (Rotterdam), "The Old Church" (London), "Komedia" (Brighton)


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“...maybe the best performance this festival has ever seen...”

Wilfried Schaus-Sahm

Director of Sommerton Festival, for Michalis Kouloumis Trio performance (Germany, 30.08.16)

"I consider Michalis Kouloumis as a reincarnation of the legendary violinists from the Eastern Mediterranean. 
His knowledge and the richness of his improvisations prove the soul of a virtuoso musician" 

Kudsi Erguner

“...the most outstanding concert I've heard here...”

Adam Le Clercq

(Brighton Fringe Festival, St Michael and All Angels Church, 22.05.16)

"...I can think of few recent releases that have kept me as consistently engaged throughout "

Jamie Renton on album "SOIL"

(fRoots mag)

"Very thankful for having this experience. Not only for his deep knowledge of the traditional and classical musics from mid east to west Europe but for a serious educational approach involving a human quality that made me approach the aspects of attitude and philosophy present in their particular universe as a musician. Thank you for sharing your talent with such generosity"

G. Alvarez

(on the violin workshop by Michalis Kouloumis, Valencia 2015)

"As a violinist and music teacher, I found the workshop of Michalis Kouloumis very interesting and extraordinary. Kouloumis combines the artistic mood with the technical inspiration of a good violinist performer. I consider Michalis Kouloumis as the "Paganini" of the traditional Cypriot and Ottoman music. His improvisational skills and use of special techniques in his playing make him a remarkable representative of the traditional music of Cyprus worldwide"

A Hadjievangelou

"I have been in a workshop of Michalis and it has been a wonderful experience. As a violinist he show his virtuosity and his deep knowledge and feeling of the music everytime he plays. And as a teacher he transmitted me the joy of playing and to be wanting more!"

J. Torres

(on the violin workshop by Michalis Kouloumis, Valencia 2015)

"I have begun learning to play the violin with Mixalis, and its been a wonderful experience. As an adult engaging with a new instrument, one can imagine the difficulties and obstacles that to be encountered. But Mixalis being a gentle and motivating tutor of amazing skill and knowledge transforms these difficulties into enjoyable challenges"


(on violin lessons with Michalis Kouloumis)

Michalis Kouloumis world music violin